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Assisting people to expand into the fullness they Truly BE!

BExpansive facilitates one on one sessions with people who are looking for change and improvement in their lives.
BExpansive also teaches yoga classes and workshops on various subjects including body awareness, access bars and body processes.


"At seventy I was a bit hesitant to take up yoga. But from the time I started Helen’s classes, I realised what I had been missing all these years! Helen is a thoughtful teacher, and guides me (I have a replacement elbow) to do each movement to the best of my ability, always being mindful of what my body is telling me. Each week I leave feeling taller, each muscle in my body having been worked. The most important thing I have learnt is to pay attention to my breath, and I have learned many different yoga-breathing techniques, one of which I use when I can’t sleep at night. The session finishes with a relaxation session and my body loves the attention I forget to give it in my normal busy life. Thanks Helen." -Barb

"I often walk in to the yoga class feeling tired, a little frantic from the morning rush and stiff. The hour of Helen's yoga transforms me to a fresh, floaty and relaxed person. I have become addicted to this weekly yoga treat!" -Lynne

"I thoroughly enjoy Helen's weekly yoga classes. She incorporates different poses & relaxation exercises into the class every week which guarantees every class is rewarding. I always feel more physically & emotionally balanced and alive after the class." -Emmi

"I would highly recommend Helen as a life coach. She is a genuinely caring person and has helped me make some big changes in my life. I now have a job I truly enjoy and my relationship with my husband has gone from rocky to absolutely wonderful. I will be forever grateful." -Susan

"I went to Helen at a time of turmoil in my life, not knowing much about what she did. After receiving a bars treatment, I had a good night’s sleep for the first time in ages. I went on to learn the bars and now wonder how I lived without my regular bars fix. I am so much more relaxed in my life and can handle whatever arises with much more ease. How does it get any better than that?" -Jacki

"I have had a series of coaching sessions with Helen and am always amazed and impressed at what she can pick up and clear with me. I would recommend her unique method of coaching to anyone who genuinely wants real and lasting change and improvement." -Craig

About Us

Would you like to have more fun, laughter, joy, peace, prosperity and a greater sense of relaxation in all areas of your life?

It is my desire to assist you to Create this in anyone who has a true desire to have all or any of this and more. I use a variety of tools and techniques derived from a large array of modalities I have studied and practiced, intertwined with my life experiences.


Meet The Founder

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Helen Melrose

Helen has set up BExpansive as a business that uses different techniques to assist people to expand into the fullness they Truly BE! She has spent her life studying, practicing and working with various healing modalities including access bars and body process's, body work, natural therapies, homoeopathy, reflexology, numerology and access consciousness and has a large wealth of knowledge and experience as well as a gentle, caring manner.


Empowering you to BE who you truly BE.

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BExpansive offers various services, with our large wealth of knowledge and experience to draw upon when working with people.

Health Coaching

Access Bars

Body Work







Working With Children

Our Specialized Services


Our services are tailored to your individual needs to facilitate the change you are choosing in any or all areas of your life.

This can include such areas as: - Weight Loss or Gain - Change of job or lifestyle - Increasing money flows - Getting out of depression or dis-ease - Releasing stress - Creating a happy relationship - Adding more fun to your life - Releasing patterns of abuse

In a session, I will facilitate you to energetically clear whatever is blocking you from achieving your true success and hearts desire. I draw on my vast range of experience over many years with different modalities, combined with my knowing and intuition for your individual treatment to achieve maximum benefits. You may require one session or more depending on your situation. Sessions are facilitated either from my healing centre on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland or distantly via phone or Skype?

I run regular Yoga classes, which are designed to increase body awareness, relaxation, stretching toning and strengthening your body in a gentle nurturing manner and environment. As well as Access Bars, Body process's classes, swaps and workshops on request on such topics as weight loss, family harmony, money and stress release.

RE-SET is a hands-on body treatment combined with energetic healing to release old patterning in such areas as relationship, money, body and health and RE-SET what is required to the vibration of this present moment.



Wednesday 10.30AM

Wednesday 1.30PM

Wednesday 6.30PM

Friday 7AM

Friday 9.30AM


Tuesday 6.30PM

Thursday 9.30AM (Except for first Thursday of the month)

ACCESS BARS - First Saturday of each month.

BODY CLASSES - First Thursday of each month at 9.30AM

BODY SWAPS - Thursday 1PM

These times are all subject to change so please email or phone to confirm. For more info please email Helen


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8 Yoga Classes

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